I am Mark Champneys, and I am a lay person.  I am not a scientist.  But I'm not stupid, either.  (I have a masters degree.)  I believe I have an ability to boil things down to the core concept, and cut to the chase.  That is what I hope I have done here.

I was raised in a cult by loving parents who did the best they could.  But my pilgrimage out of Mormonism and into the truth of the Bible, not only changed my life--giving me the forgiveness of sins and a relationship with the Most High--but also changed the way I think.  I tend to be a skeptic, and look for hidden deception, before I accept things as truth.  I believe we need to be able to trust, yet also be discerning about the lie, or the confusion.

I am a sinner saved by grace, and I don't pretend to be above anyone.  While I have considerable backgroud in ministry and outreach, I do not ask you to consider my arguments because of my resume or credentials.  I ask you to consider them because of their validity.  I ask you to consider them because they are true.

Some of my other passions, besides exposing evolution:

My Savior, Lord, and best Friend, Jesus--Creator of heaven and earth
Truth  (see evangelicalbeliefs.com)
My wife, four children, their spouses, and all my wonderful grandchildren
Reaching my beloved Mormon people with the gospel of grace
   (see MormonsNeedHope.com)
Reaching children with the gospel of grace
   (see cefonline.com)
Sharing my faith with anyone who asks a reason for the hope within me